The caves of Santarcangelo

Our company ages its Sangiovese Colli di Rimini MONS JOVIS in Santarcangelo di Romagna, in a sandstone cave where temperature and humidity are constant throughout the year and that create the ideal conditions for developing the full potential of this wine.

Santarcangelo di Romagna is a medieval village located on Monte Giove, and since ancient times, it has been known for the network of tunnels dug by man in the sandstone, between the sixth and fifteenth centuries. The tunnels and caves are used for storing wine and food. A system so prevalent during the Middle Ages that they dubbed the local red wine "the blood of Jove" (the "Sanguis Jovis" became Sangiovese), as it comes from that system of tunnels, that the ancient inhabitants of the village called 'the veins of Monte Giove’.

The restoration of the caves as a place for storing wine came thanks to the intervention of Le Rocche Malatestiane with the restoration of an hypogeal space that is now structured for aging the wine, Sangiovese Mons Jovis DOC Colli di Rimini.