Since 1959 our winemakers have worked the lands of Rimini's hinterland, the ancient seaside city that is also surrounded by a range of hills with vineyards since time immemorial..

We cultivate a total of 800 hectares and the grapes are conferred and vinified in the winery of Coriano (RN).

Here we produce the CDO (DOC) Colli di Rimini wines, CDO (DOC) Romagna and PGI (IGT) Rubicon and productions are strongly characterised by the presence of the Sangiovese grape. Indeed this variety accounts for 75% of production.

The companies of our winegrowers have a wealth of diversity starting from the soil, as well as the different altitudes and proximity to the sea.

That is why we invested in an analysis of the originating territories of our grapes to return to the roots of the wines of Le Rocche Malatestiane, which has a cooperative matrix and comes from three different terroirs that determine its characteristics.

The winemakers are supported by the agronomists Daniele Rossi and Riccardo Castaldi to plan production better, in the selection of the vines and the grapes and in all activities that working in the countryside requires.

In 2014, our winegrowers were involved in a communication project "The pride of roots" in which they were protagonists of interviews and photo shoots the most beautiful places in Rimini. It was a project which aimed to bear witness to the importance of wine production in the territory of Rimini.



"The winemakers of Le Rocche Malatestiane toast to the territory on the Bridge of Tiberius in Rimini"